Philip Paulk began his real estate career in 1974 upon graduating from Auburn University with a Bachelors Degree in Finance. His career began with a financial service corporation of a Savings & Loan Association. There he progressed to Vice President of the commercial real estate department and had four successful years. After that he established the firm of Paulk-Johnston Real Estate Appraisers and Consultants. Paulk-Johnston specialized in the appraisal of all types of real estate, especially condemnation assignments requiring court testimony. 

In 1986 he moved to Atlanta, Georgia, with Georgia Associated Services. The move was for the purpose of advancing the skills of the MAI designation, which was awarded in 1984. After four successful years with Georgia Associated Services, Paulk left to start the firm of Paulk-Wedekind and Associates. Paulk-Wedekind and Associates specialized in the appraisal of all types of real estate, including multi-family apartments, health care facilities, litigation assignments, office properties, retail properties, industrial properties, subdivision development, vacant land and special purpose properties. Mr. Wedekind left the firm in 1990. The firm changed to Clayton, Roper & Marshall, with offices in Orlando, Florida, Birmingham, Alabama and Atlanta, Georgia. In 2012 the Birmingham and Atlanta offices became The Paulk Group with Philip Paulk as the Managing Partner and President. Paulk's 40 plus years of appraising all types of properties under various programs makes him highly qualified for appraisal and litigation assignments. In 2017 Mr. Paulk was awarded the AI-GRS Appraisal Institute Designation held by professionas that provide reviews of appraisals on a wide range of property types. 


Philip Paulk is licensed in 5 States (Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi, South Carolina) and the United States Virgin Islands. However, he has done work from Alaska to California, New York, South Dakota, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.